Do I Have To Serve Filings on Opposing Counsel?

Is Electronic Filing Required?

What Do I Do If My Electronic Document Is Too Large To File?

What Happens If I Need To File a Non-Documentary or Oversized Object?

What Do I Do If I Forget to Electronically Sign My Pleading, Motion, or Other Paper?

Are Graphical Signatures Permitted on Electronically Filed Documents?

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How Do I File a Civil Case?

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How Long Do I Have to Register as an ECF User Once I Enter an Appearance?

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What If There’s an Emergency and I Can’t File a Document Electronically Because My Computer System is Down?

Can I Submit a Filing by Fax?

Motion Practice

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If I’m Granted Leave to File a Document, and I Already Attached The Document As An Exhibit to a Motion, Must I File It Again?


Does the Northern District of Texas have Patent Rules?

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