About the AuthorSteven Callahan is a founding partner of Charhon Callahan Robson & Garza, PLLC. Mr. Callahan represents leading companies in business and intellectual property disputes. Over the last several years, he has represented four companies whose jury verdicts were among Verdict Search’s “Top 100” verdicts of the year. Mr. Callahan received his B.A. from the University of New Hampshire and his J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Mr. Callahan’s Northern District of Texas representative cases include the following:

  • Intellectual Ventures v. AT&T et al.: Mr. Callahan represented Ericsson in a miscellaneous action filed by Ericsson involving cases brought by Intellectual Ventures asserting claims of patent infringement. The action was before Judge Kinkeade.
  • Mimi’s Cafe v. MBM Corp. Mr. Callahan represented Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary MBM Corp. in a lawsuit brought by Mimi’s Cafe. The case was before Judge Fitzwater.
  • Camatic v. Irwin Seating Company. Mr. Callahan represented Irwin Seating Company in a patent-infringement lawsuit pending before Chief Judge Lynn.
  • GTG Holdings Inc. v. Amvensys Capital Group LLC et al. Mr. Callahan represented GTG Holdings Inc. in a breach-of-contract case pending before Judge Lynn.
  • BSN SPORTS, LLC v. Bensussen Duetsch & Associations. Mr. Callahan represented BSN SPORTS in a patent-infringement case against Bensussen. The case was pending before Judge Lynn.
  • BRS Investment Properties LLC v. Bacara Club LLC. Mr. Callahan represented BRS Investment Properties in a trademark-infringement lawsuit brought against Bacara Club. Judge Boyle presided over the case.
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Tom Hicks. Mr. Callahan represented Tom Hicks, the former owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars, and one of America’s leading businessmen, in a lawsuit involving JPMorgan Chase. The case was before Judge McBryde.
  • Retailer Web Services LLC v. Tailbase Inc. Mr. Callahan represented Retailer Web Services in a copyright-infringement lawsuit against Tailbase. Judge Boyle presided over the case.
  • Cinsay Inc. v. New Antics LLC. Mr. Callahan represented New Antics LLC in a patent-infringement case brought by Cinsay Inc. The case was before Judge Kinkeade.
  • D’Alise v. Straumann. Mr. Callahan represented Dr. David D’Alise in a patent-infringement lawsuit brought against Straumann. Judge Godbey presided over the case.
  • Together Advisors LLC v. Vitasek. Mr. Callahan represented Vitasek in a breach-of-contract case brought by Together Advisors. Judge Lynn presided over the case.
  • Erect-A-Line v. Eurobend SA. Mr. Callahan represented Eurobend SA in a patent declaratory-judgment lawsuit brought by Erect-A-Line. The case was before Judge Kinkeade.
  • Bobby Goldstein Productions Inc. v. M.G./Perin Inc. Mr. Callahan represented M.G./Perin Inc. in a breach-of-contract action brought by Bobby Goldstein Productions Inc. concerning the television show “Cheaters.” The case was before Judge Fitzwater.
  • Good Technology Corporation v. Fixmo Inc., Excitor A/S, and Little Red Wagon Technologies Inc. Mr. Callahan represented Good Technology Corp. in a patent-infringement case pending before Judge Lynn.
  • Cheerleading Company v. Varsity Brands Inc. Mr. Callahan represented Cheerleading Company in a copyright-infringement case against Varsity Brands Inc. The case was litigated before Judge Kinkeade.
  • Red River Fiber Optic Corp. v. Verizon Services Corp. et al. Mr. Callahan represented Red River Fiber Optic Corp. in a patent-infringement case against Verizon, AT&T, and Qwest. The case was litigated before Judge Lindsay.
  • Vote to Reduce Debt v. Red State Productions: Mr. Callahan represented Red State Productions in a case involving allegations of breach of contract. The case was before Judge O’Connor.
  • SimCrest v. LS Retail: Mr. Callahan represented SimCrest in a breach-of-contract case against LS Retail. Judge Solis presided over the case.

More information about Mr. Callahan can be found here. To contact him, please call 469-587-7240 or e-mail him at scallahan@ccrglaw.com.

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