Chief Judge Lynn Transfers Patent Case To Michigan

On May 21, 2017, Chief Judge Lynn entered an Order (available here) in Camatic v. Irwin transferring the case from Dallas to Michigan. In Camatic, two Camatic entities accuse Irwin of infringing one of Camatic’s patents (note: my firm represents Irwin). One Camatic plaintiff is an Australian company with its principal place of business in Australia. The second Camatic plaintiff is a Georgia corporation with its principal place of business in Farmer’s Branch (within the Northern District of Texas).

Irwin, a Michigan company headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sought transfer to the Western District of Michigan. Chief Judge Lynn ultimately found that Irwin demonstrated that the sources of proof, compulsory process, cost of attendance, and local interest factors weighed in favor of transfer, and no transfer factor weighed against transfer. Accordingly, the Court transferred the case to Michigan.

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