New Patent Cases Filed In Northern District of Texas

Over the last several weeks, there have been many patent infringement lawsuits filed in the Northern District of Texas, including:

  • American Leather v. Ultra-Mek (complaint available here). American leather asserts infringement of convertible furniture patents.
  • Felix v. VStructural, LLC (complaint available here). Felix claims defendants infringe patents claiming inventions used in concrete constructions.
  • Guidance v. AT&T (complaint available here). Guidance claims AT&T infringes a patent titled “System and Method for Determining Geolocation of a Transmitter.”
  • iLife Technologies v. Body Media (complaint available here); iLife Technologies v. Nintendo (complaint available here). iLife claims Body Media and Nintendo infringe six patents directed to systems and methods for evaluating movement of a body and detecting motions of a body.
  • Slide Fire Solutions v. 2nd Am Arms (complaint available here). Slide Fire claims 2nd Am Arms infringes patents directed to firearm technology.
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